Elite Club

Hoop Culture Club

Inspiring excellence, our mission is to recognise and celebrate the Elite player, offering unparalleled opportunities for development. Within a nurturing and secure mentoring environment, we provide unwavering care and support. Our commitment extends beyond the basketball court, fostering leadership and personal development to shape well-rounded individuals ready to conquer life’s challenges.

The Hoop Culture club is designed to reward those Elite players within the Culture Elite Program and allow them additional opportunities.  The club will play tournaments, including standard and 3×3.  Playing for the Hoop Culture Club will be by invitation and as a result of hard work in the Culture Elite Program.


President – Peter Curtis

Vice President – Chris Pippo

Secretary – Martin Wooding

Treasurer – Nicola Holles

General Member – Andrew Holles


“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.