culture elite


Culture Elite is designed to challenge VJBL level players and is built upon a comprehensive and holistic player curriculum. It is ideal for self-motivated players who are keen to perform above expectations. 

Our coaches will facilitate and present a weekly comprehensive program built upon the foundations of player development in a transparent, consistent and measurable environment. 

The Culture Elite program will develop on a weekly basis to layer upon and compliment itself to ultimately guide athletes to the highest level of skill and ability they can master. 

Regular Evaluations will be conducted throughout each term to track development in a realtime measurable way providing feedback and goal setting opportunities.

Each student will attend a minimum of one weekly session.


Term 1 2024 Dates

11 Week Term.

Monday 15th April to Thursday 27th June.

Morning Sessions

Tuesday & Thursdays

U16 & U18 – 5.45AM

U12 & U14 – 6.55AM


U12 & U14 – 5.45AM

U16 & U18 – 6.55AM

Evening Sessions

Monday 5 PM – U12

Monday 6 PM – U14 and Above

Wednesday 6 PM – U16 & Above

Thursday 5 PM – Girls Only

Thursday 6 PM – U14 & U16


Early Bird Discount if paid in full includes first week free. 

Weekly payments are now available. 


Culture Elite Evaluations

Comprehensive written evaluations will be conducted by our coaches.

These professional evaluations will provide a comprehensive breakdown that no other high performance program offers and are invaluable for self measurement and accountability.

The evaluations are individualised to each student following an outline that covers skills, behaviours and basketball IQ.

Students can now track and understand their own development, setting goals along the way under the guidance of our coaches and the Culture Elite program itself.

Evaluations work hand in hand with the Culture Elite program to complement each other and build the pathway to creating skilled, focused and dedicated athletes.


“It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be.